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Delay dropdown menu from opening / closing using jQuery

There are a few jQuery plugins out there that will manage your dropdowns and delays if the visitor accidentally mouses-off the element and keeps it open for xx milliseconds, so it doesn't close instantly and the visitor doesn't have to start again. Here is a quick jQuery example to set a delay and kill it if...
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Modifying browser history and url using jQuery

You open a popup and actually want the browser url to reflect the popup/overlay url. You do this for multiple reasons, but mainly for SEO and social media links. It also allows the visitor to use the 'back' button and have your page react using AJAX instead of actually reloading the previous page. Here's...
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Make a JSON object and send via ajax POST using jQuery

Use jQuery to send a JSON object via POST. Everything EXCEPT the ajax call is done with simple javascript and jQuery is not needed. This is nice since JSON.stringify() will take care of special characters and other special cases you would have to check for manually. A little protection from posting plain...
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